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110 90 with open pipe v 1.0 [MP]



I edittato steel exhaust and put the fiat 100-90 with permissions of the authors originli, I also removed the front loader


Fiatagri : Urmod von Chris P. / LS11 Umbau : modelleicher – schlueterfan / edit LS13 : BTS – Butters Tunning Schmiede
Sauter FH : von Eifok aus LS11

Umbauten und Skinveränderungen für das Fiatagri Modell : BTS – Butters Tunning Schmiede

Scripte :

modelleicher ; Sven 777b ; Manuel Leithner ; Desperados93

Edit and remove front loader: Enricoalfista

Download 110 90 with open pipe v 1.0 (mediafire)

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