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Alpental Mod


Hello and welcome to the new Alpental V1.9 Simu4you EDITION

Here at Alpental so much has happened. After the Elmo has sold his farm, he was bought by me, and a little modified. The old BGA has been replaced by a new and more modern, a new hall was built at the yard, another radio mast has come to this, new-dense grass, a bit more decorative and much more.

Your Simu4You modding team!

If you like it realisatischer, now bring this trailer the milk from the farm for sale at Agrola.

Attention, if its the milk is used the trailer no longer un 24 clock sold:–2

Required Mods:


Recommended Mods: (Not to play required)

Animal Status–2

HiredWorkersConsumes ….


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