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Arcusin Round Bale Autostack v2.0



This is Round Bale Arcusin Autostack FS 63-72 costum visual equipment ordered by large farmers. With this car stacker a single operator is able to carry out the whole process of collection and stacking large quantities of bale.
Loading capacity: 8 round bales
Maintenance: 51 $ / day
Usage: Collecting and stacking round bales
Price: $ 94,634
Scale: 1:1
Compatible: FS UK ModTeam’s PTO and Hydraulic pants attach script
Copyright info:
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Under the following conditions:
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Autor: Giant – parts of original autostacker model
Manuel Leithner – Specialization for PowerShaft
PeterJ – LS-UK modteam – Specialization for hydraulic hose joint

Download: Arcusin Round Bale Autostack v2.0 []
Download: Arcusin Round Bale Autostack v2.0 []

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