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Audi R8 Police car v 1.0 [MP]



I represent you a new mod I’ve made. It’s an Audi R8 police car.

Audi R8 police car:

  • Functional reverse lights
  • Functional blinkers
  • Functional police siren!
  • Functional police lights!
  • Cost 183215€ in the game and it will cost  only 1€ daily maintenance


  • Keypad 1 = left blinkers  
  • Keypad 2 = all  blinkes  
  • Keypad 3 = right blinkers 
  • Keypad 7 = police sirene
  • Home button (pos. 1 button) = police lights on

Special Thanks to Mr. Trecker-Mecker for giving me permission using his lights! Thanks again my friend.


emo panda

Download Audi R8 Police car v 1.0 ( original link

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