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AutoCombine Mod



I do not like maps with rectangular fields. But driving a combine harvester plus the tractor with trailer is a bit tedious in SP mode.

So I came across the mod autopilot gotchTOM.

Now I did not want to change every harvesters myself and therefore I have written AutoCombine. And I have taken over parts of autopilot in my mod. The Mod is installed easily in the mod folder. It is automatically added in allcombines and forage harvesters with normal helper. Thus the combine threshes automatically in circles around the field.

The AutoCombine Hud is opened with the key K. The helper starts normally using the H key.

Warning: You must turn on the alternative helper only in Hud. The button is in the 2nd Row far left. Is there a quadrilateral, then only the normal helper is on.

Changes in version 2.1:

  • Forage harvesting with a trailer. I works only when you choose “AutoCombine mode [up/down]” together with the “turn mode [driving]”. Attention, you will need a lot of space for turning!
  • Better support for Course Play. The corresponding button is in the 2nd row on the right.
  • You can jump to the next step when turning if the combine is stuck somewhere. The button is in the firstrow on the right
  • Limited steering angle so that combines with a very large cutter no longer start to commute.
  • Optimization for fields with “sharp” corners

Changes in version 2.0:

  • MultiPlayer
  • Potato and beet harvesters
  • You can switch between the circle drive and up and down
  • There are already present in the vehicle helper marks
  • If the HUD is displayed, the perspective does not change

The mod can be uploaded everywhere using the original download link and the name of the modders. The re-upload to another file hoster is prohibited. A short note to me would be nice too.


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