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Barley v1.0



Since I already times the chance, I pack you times after my barley.
Straws are better represented, small leaves and ears are in the process now finally with awns,
together with a more realistic coloring.
Were amended maturity / withered growth phases, occasionally a little weed after threshing visible.
I’ve also changed the windrow
+ Think of a backup
Disclosure only after prior permission of unique and original with download link!
Of course, you can install the texture in your map, but think of a term in the credits
My LOG is Flawless!
Installation instructions are included
Criticism / feedback is welcome, as long as there remains at a reasonable level.
Only THINK, then WRITE
Again. There are still so many of you do not know how to install the texture or other, under “Videos” is a tutorial from me for installation.
Author: Tessmann85

Download: Barley v1.0 []
Download: Barley v1.0 []

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