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Beniot Farms v 4.2 [MP]





Again, I’ve shared a map on the simulator SimTractor based.

This map is based on version 4.1 of SimTractor based.

I not only have the original textures, but I got input from the creator SimTractor, Beniot Brabant, on a title for the map.

For those of you not familiar with SimTractor, it has mostly small to medium size with a large feild feild in the middle of the map.

I put several bulbs in the map features such as street lights and a light in the barn.

You start with two tractors, a Harvestor, a dump truck and a header trailer.

The missions are enabled, but the descriptions are to be found from the original map, so follow the green display on the PDA’s mission places.

Also reads the card breifing as follows and has some good information, read it:

Fields, sell points store points,:
A. Country you have planted with wheat, and you also have a small feild grass by the barn.
1A. Havest the wheat in order to make money or to do missions.
1B. Get seed at the mill blue farm silos or oldfarm (triggered by any branch point).
1C. Get fertilizers in the mill, or the blue tank at the farm.
Second You can store all types fruit on the old farm.
2A. Only wheat to save the blue silos in the central courtyard.
Third Sell all kinds of fruit in the mill.
3A. You can also use barley, wheat and sugar to sell the castle.
3B. Bales can be shredded by the manure pile, or in the little shed of the old farm BGA.

A. Cowmesh in the cowshed. It’s not a big net, but it’s big enough for the visual border of cows.
1A. Dump feed before the barn with the feed truck.
1B. Solid manure is behind the barn of the blue bins.
Second Sheep mesh is in the little house on pasture, and the sheep have plenty of space to run around.
2A. It is a feeding trough for the sheep behind the transport brackets.
2B. Sell wool at the castle under the red building.
Third Chicken mesh is at the old farm in the woods, use to find the PDA.
3A. Eggs appear around the old farm, they sell at the castle.

What is where on the PDA?
A. “The forest”
1A. Two BGA one. The hangar and the other is through the oldfarm
1B. Beautiful landscape, like swamp in the north and a waterfall in the West (a cave there).
Second “The most important agricultural area”
2A. The main farm in the middle, the mill to the south, and the castle in the southeast
Third “The village area”
3A. The village in the north, a walking / bike path, some old ruins, and a dam.


Most of the credits go to Beniot Brabant since if it was not for him I would not be making this map.

I also must thank Giants since I used some of their objects from the default map.

Also I need to thank Scorpion210 for helping me test this map.

Download Beniot Farms v 4.2

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