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Bobcat S160 Skid Steer Loader v 1 [MP]



Bobcat is synonymous with skid steer loaders. In fact, they pioneered the skid steer 50 years ago, and are still on top of their game. The Bobcat S160 is a midrange powerhouse. Fierce and nimble, it’ll handle any loader job around your farm yard.

The Bobcat S160 skid steer loader package consists of:

– Bobcat S160 skid steer loader
– Whites Pallet Forks
– Whites Bale Spike
– Whites Farm Forks
– Whites Silage Grab
– Whites High-Tip Bucket
– Keulmac transport trailer

– The Keulmac transport trailer will lock its load using O.
– Increase the reach of your Bobcat with the Whites High-Tip Bucket
– The Bobcat can literally turn around its own axle: greater manoeuvrability is not possible.

Helpful Hints
Make sure you have installed the LATEST Patch!
Find it at Farming Simulator Updates
Patch 2.0 Beta 4 can be found at: Patch 2.0 Beta


By euroDZN
peterj and sam123

Follow us on Twitter: @eurodzn

We’d like to thank Geri-G for the use of his original lock-script.

Download Bobcat S160 Skid Steer Loader v 1 (fs-uk) original link

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