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Bourgault Seeding


Bourgault Seeding fertilization system

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Independent seeding system for general seeding conditions

Direct seeding, fertilizing function. Cultivators, sowing and fertilizing in one operation without prior tillage. Working width of 20 m.
Maintenance 11 € / day
The mods based on the standard functions of Giants, ie Cart is filled with the Fertilizer and serves as a sprayer, the Airdrille is filled with seeds and dug bert and sows.
The device is not for the faint tractors or small fields!
Capacity: 16000 l 16000 l seeds + Fertilizer
This mod is built according to my ideas, it is not forced to download.
Who the mod does not fit just play with something else and leaves no senseless comments.
Therefore: first test and then rate or review
Meaningful criticism and suggestions are welcome.
have fun with the mod
The mod may be published on other sites just below the original link from
The mod ‘may be published on other sites as long as only the ORIGINAL LINK at will be used!



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