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Byurtini Switzerland Map



Map for 2013 fs , which is called a hamlet Byurtini version 1.8.

Culture of her standard .

You can sell everything: deep and liquid manure , milk, grass and straw.

Was added to a warehouse for storage of crops such as silage, feed , straw , hay and grass.

Total cards in 24 fields , ranging from 8ga and finishing with 80 ha .

There are sheep, chickens , and cows, and additional missions .

Added a huge garage and a lot of different agricultural implements, as well as change the grain storage and added a warehouse for beet.

There is room for 5 sales.

Added 2 canopy storage bales (the one near the gas station , allows the sale of bales ), 2 barn .

Reduced the width of the roads, country roads in tracks formed , but not all .

Mission will earn good money, and then buy them new equipment.




Now you can sell the milk paved asphalt road .


Fixed troughs for the cows .


Adding another one village .


Changed the texture of gravel road .


Added another seat sale.


Built in fashion: fashion and fashion water dark night .


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