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CAT 262C v 2.0 [MP]



Here we have a so-called CAT 262C loader this time from the company of caterpillar built in 2004. He was taken from “PeterJ” ingame and adapted. The release of our changes to the mod is available. A thank you to him, that we may bring out his Mod for LS13!

To contained bucket we have packed him from the Stoll set of Cretan-two tools to Iceland

1x Silagegreifschaufel

1x pitchfork

1x Main blade

Once again a big thank you to Cretan-Iceland that we were able to pack his tools to the CAT 262C.

The following has been improved in this CAT 262C:

– Original sound installed

– Dynamic exhaust smoke

– Speed increased with the use of the lifting device

– Manually adjustable Arbeitsdrehzal (key 5)

– The driving characteristics of the original adjusted (tipping when it is moving too fast with raised bucket!)

– Manual engine start

Dust-chain (tire dust)

New-come Catskin


– Sound: Knechti

– Convertierung and Performance: fin050808/BTS Butters tuning company Modhoster Team Workshop

– Additional tools: Cretan-Iceland

Note: The downloaded file must be “not” unpacked!


BTS Butters Tuning Schmiede Modhoster Team Werkstatt

Download CAT 262C v 2.0 ( original link

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