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CAT 966H Wheel Loader v 2.0 [MP]



Caterpillar 966H Wheel Loader

Model: GIANTS Software GmbH;
Reconstitute: Amarlich

Extras: manual ignition, worklights front and back, direction indicator, handbrake, all-wheel drive (4WD), autosteer, rearview mirror, driving particle system, dynamic exhaust system and some design and performance improvements.

Loading volume: 15000 l
Max power: 380 kW / 510 hp

Maintenance: 200 $ / day
Price: 112 000 $

Usage: loading wheat, barley, canola, corn, potato, sugarbeet, silage, forage, chaff, grass, straw or manure

Have fun,

Download: CAT 966H Wheel Loader v 2.0 [MP] []
Download: CAT 966H Wheel Loader v 2.0 [MP] []

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