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Buildings Archive

MIG Map MadeinGermany

  Table of contents ( Please read shortly ! ) 1: Preface 2: Story

ProjektX Mod

  Here is for you the Ready ProjektX Map of jucheland =) the outset

Black Forest farm Mod

  Hi I hereby present to you my Schwarzwald Hof. This mod is originally


  Hi, We would like you to our village houses – make Pack. Unzip

Henrik Hagenstedt Mod

  This is my first map so sry fals errors Solten. Please write to

Papenburg Map Mod

  Jimkerk Presents Papenburger Map V2 Darstellung eines teils von Papenburg im Nördlichem Emsland.

Rislisberg Valley Mod

  Welcome to Rislisberg! This time it is a smaller map of my production. About the map I worked the longest. It’s the

Water Plane Mod

  Hi everybody from the LS Community I am currently working with Blender and

Andres Big Map Mod

  Andre’s Big Map V1.4 NOTE: Please read the description ! Hello, it ‘s

Weibach Mod

  Welcome to Weibach! I have built in the year 2013 card, only provided here to the DL. The V2 is also almost done, but first there is