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Buildings Archive

Stable Mod

  Placeable stable. Suitable for horses is still a shelter (housing) Two horses I’ve

Bellevue Mod

  Here is the original map reworked care. With the help of “Valentin36”. Changes:

A lot of work Mod

  Short description of the map: ” A lot of work ” of Bummi

Head station Mod

  - Pure decoration – No function - Not be placed – 1800 polys Have fun with it! DOWNLOAD

Agrarfrost Mod

  This final version brings algunas fixes over the previous version. I apologize to

Brook Ridge Farm Mod

  More than a year since Brookridge Farm 1.0 has been published. Now i

Polish OSP Building Mod

  Old Polish fire brigade building DOWNLOAD LINK:

Old Barn With Silo Mod

  This is a Map object that can be placed anywhere. DOWNLOAD LINK :

New unloading Mod

  A more recent unloading point for your yards. This unloading has the following

Gorzkowa Mod

  Gorzkowa V3 Final   Here it is finally after 6 months of construction,