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Landwirtschafts simulator 2013 Mods Archive

DDR firefighters Pack Mod

  DDR-Feuerwehr-Pack Benötigte Mods: Keine, moreRealistic folgt erst ab V2 Credits: Kabine: Unbekannt Edit

Front Loader Forestry clamp adapter

  Hi Here, as promised, the adapter for the front loader suitable for forestry

Excavator suspension for forestry pliers

  Hi   Here is the adapter for excavator suitable for forestry pliers The

Sugar Factory v 1.0

  In the sugar factory Sugarbeet can be sold. There are two unloading points,

Forestry Cage

  Forestry Cage for Unimog Truck v 2.2 Forestry Cage for Unimog 1200 and

HW 80 SHA Pack v 1.0

  In Pack included: – HW 80 SHA Trailer: capacity 9500 l – HW

Vaderstad Spirit 900S

  - Working width: 9 m – Capacity: 3900 l – Maximum working Speed:

Forestry Pliers for Forstmod

  Here is the forest pliers for frontloader or excavator Author: adcrafter27 DOWNLOAD LINK:

Fieseler 156 Storch v 1.0

  - Animated propellers – Foldable wings – Tow Bar – 3 camera views

Hughes OH 6 v 1.0

  - 7 color variations: – Silver – Black – Blue – ADAC –