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Trailers Archive

HW 80 SHA Pack v 1.0

  In Pack included: – HW 80 SHA Trailer: capacity 9500 l – HW

Strautmann Verti Mix 1700

  Since I was looking for a Strautmann mixer, but am not been able


  Here is a Marston silage trailer, it is suited for the smaller farmer

Koegel tanker Mod

  Matching trailer to my truck, 2 sizes once L 25500 and 45500 L.

Kroeger SRMT 70 AT Mod

  With trailer attacher. Plane auf/au (1.6) Price: 18.700 $ Capacity: 70.000 Lts. Charger: wheat rape

AutoTractor Mod

  AutoTractor is an alternative helper for tractors , which is not only simple

Aguas Tenias Galera

Aguas Tenias Galera 2 Axis 20T Mod Features: Crops: wheat, barley, rape, maize, potato,

Livestock trailer Mod

Here I present you my cattle trailer. Yes I know he is getting a

Koegel BaleTrailer Autostack

  This mod wil automaticly collect bales. This will only work for big nog

Trailer Pack Mod

  Here is my trailer Pack LS13 … ! … File 1x unpacked and