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Claas Disco 9100


Here I have for you, suitable for Claas Xerion 5000 (, the Claas Disco 9100 mower.

What was done to the mod:

– Converts to LS 2013

– Mod or zip file decluttered

– Redundant textures removed

– Converted the rest

– Schemas and other important textures added for LS 13 (fire texture)

Created new store image –

– Re-adjusted to Front-/Heckhydraulik

– Various Colis moved so you can ride even when folded and steer

The mod is error-free, makes no log entries


Model: LordNyax
Textures: Kanalratte
Animation: Lindnerfahrer
Ingame: Dachskiller
Import LS2011: TSF3Modders
anpassung fuer Jaguar980: HaeckslerKing
Konvertiert nach LS 13: SchorschiBW

Download: Claas Disco 9100 []
Download: Claas Disco 9100 []

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