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Conveyor belt pack Mod



This is my adaptation of the Mod ” conveyor belt pack V 2.0 ” by Marhu ( ) , which I would like to thank you again for sharing and support. I thought to myself that maybe other people might take pleasure in a conveyor belt that 47 fruits / materials can be processed. If not, just do not download ­čśë
I added only the fruits and materials , nothing was on the mod otherwise changed. Also many thanks to demetzwalter for the release of the fruits of his very beautiful map ( including dump trucks and threshers for all fruits ! Http:// ) and Kyosho for the release of its fruit ” energy willow ” .
At this point , I note that I have demetzwalter explicitly forbidden to grant approvals for its fruit and therefore also for the band . So please respect his Wunsch.Mod Exclusively at Modhoster ! No upload anywhere!
If there is enough interest / Downloads / suggestions are there, I ‘m going to insert superior to other fruits ( since I have the clearances) .
Log is error-free. It has only warnings if you , for example, plays a map that has not a fruit , but the conveyor belt already .

Included in the pack are included:

Front loader conveyor
Fruit / materials :
manure silage potato sugarbeet grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow forage barley wheat rape maize chaff millet , poppy soybean sugarcane rye oat spelled cotton rice sunflower triticale cucumber tomato carrot onion kuerbis honey melon cherry plum apricot pear whitecabbage redcabbage grape mushroom aubergine savoycabbage coffee apple sand earth gravel fertilizer grass sorghum energy willow

This allows the conveyor belt couple . For all those who want to use the conveyor belt with a tractor as a trailer and not with a loader / telescopic loader as an attachment .

” Telehandler conveyor belt ” and ” funnel for BGA fill ” from the ” UrMod ” I have omitted since the front loader conveyor belt are coupled via adapter (eg ) also added a telescopic loader can and the funnel has become simply superfluous .
The DOWNLOADED file should be unpacked , then paste the two files contained just in the mod folder and off you go …

Note from Marhu to its v 2.0 (so questions are answered in this regard are the same ;)) :
” Again to the difference when overloading . That comes out to much in the end, I was able to fix ( was on the script). The problem is even if I and it is full to the tape dump that exists losses. But that is to Giants, the trailer is apparently no matter that he tips over capacity. ”

So, some hope here to give pleasure and I wish you much fun !



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