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Fendt 309 LSA Mod



Here is the completely revised version of the Fendt 309LSA , the proportions have been completely revised so that the length, width and height of the hood fits , as well as the shape of the hood . In addition, a new front axle, revised dashboard , a few details here and there and the texture adjusted.

Adapted and revised by model eicher schlueterfan1977 , interior parts of bullet proportions : Model
Ingame: schlueterfan1977 / model eicher
Conversion to MR : model eicher

Scripts in using:
model eicher ( realExhaustParticleSystemVMR , RadsturzV2 , zylinderV2 , hydraulicAnimations , digitalKmhDisplay , fittings)
Sven777b ( BelV31 , toggleAnimatedParts )
Lechu and Aranea ( FarmerArm ) Hand Animation

– BelV31 working lights and turn signals
– Dynamic exhaust smoke
– Open all doors and windows to
– Animated rear hydraulics
– Animated front axle and four-wheel shaft
– Switchable front weights ( also have effect in the MR)

Hand animation ( animated Fahrerarm , by lechu and Aranea )

– Animated fittings ( clock and digital speed display)

– MoreRealistic !

(Attention, MoreRealistic Mod is needed )

1:1 scale mod!

Data of the original Fendt 309LSA :

Engine: 86HP , 2350U/min rated speed, 4154ccm displacement, water-cooled.
Other: weight about 4t , 40km / h It was built from 1981 to 1992 , has received several facelifts and among other changes.

Data for Mod:
Vram Usage: 12.46 MB
Objects in the i3d : 162 ( in close-up ) below 100 from 14m Distance
Size of the zip : 12.98 MB

It is expressly undesirable that this mod is changed without my permission or unchanged re-uploaded . If you want to offer the mod on your DL page , please use the original DL link 🙂


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