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Fendt Vario 516 SCR



We want to show you another project from the Cooperation between the Tractor Italia Forum ” TIF ” and the ModHoster team workshop. The 516 SCR Profi Plus is a model from the new 500 series , which was built by AGO completely new.
The 500 Vario combines the best ideals in a whole new series. Dimensions of the legendary 500 favorite paired with award-winning design to bring to technical progress for expression. Up to 165 hp maximum power combined with fuel-saving SCR technology bring high efficiency in a new performance class .
Here’s the Fendt Vario 516 SCR Profi Plus in standard green .. with extensive accessories !
Also in this mod impressive features have been implemented for LS13 , were hitherto only be found in various mods , or have not yet even exist . We are able to say to some degree of pride that we have succeeded , many details , animations and features, such as to make the external IC Control full multiplayer capability ! But … as with any V1.0, as we were with this one is not 100 % satisfied.
Version 1.0 : All animations and functions can be controlle by IC of the driver’s cab , or control from the outside. e.g. Open the bonnet , engine start / stop, doors, windows , roof hatch, cabin lights , rotating beacon, front and rear hitch , light and both PTO , wheel , etc.

Fully animated cab (levers, buttons, lights and pedals)
Functioning Vario -board computer ( via F3 can be further functions by IC control )
In-/Outdoorsound reacts to door and window opening
Adjustable indoor camera ( before KP ” / ” Back KP ” * ” , Left K “6” , Right K ” 5″)
Real Cam installed. Camera adjusts to the angle of inclination of MODS in
Purchasable set Pflegebereifen on aluminum pallet ( washable, fits the Fendt Vario 512 SCCR)
Purchasable Cargo 4×80
Purchasable tools – shovel and fork ball (suitable for the 500 series and the Fendt 724 SCR )
Kaufbares Weights Set ( 870kg , 1250kg and 2.5t )
Foldable warning signs for over-width – transport
helper mode
Attached devices can be raised and lowered by IC Control
All-wheel 4×4 ( now MP ready)
Manual handling gas ( Key_Pad “+ , -“)
Dynamic exhaust smoke
DLBA ( air brake system ) – with a functioning parking brake ( does not move, who enabled)
tire dust
Bunker silo compaction
Original 516er four-cylinder sound
Hydraulic lift front / rear operated from the outside via an external IC Control

************************************************** ****************************************
There will be a . Rar file that contains the tug and the accessories! The Pflegebereifung fits aufbeide 500 models !
The . Rar file must be unzipped so before you can copy the two mods in the mod folder ..!
The software WinRAR , there is nothing on the net!
************************************************** ****************************************

Please no requests for permission for changes to the MOD via PM . There will be no release for it … !
In this V1.0 many different scripts were used. Some of the web all from other mods know , and some that of TIF were newly developed. There has been much tested and optimized. Unfortunately, some “old” scripts have not yet been optimized so that they work with the new scripts without problems in MP . So there is still the A – or other small errors in the MP , but which is fixed in the V2 for LS13 .
Was tested on two standard folders. There, the mod went smoothly and fluently without log entries ! This mod is not for the weak / weaker PC’s , with an elastic term is “weak”. For us it was a 2 year old laptop from Aldi … So got a better typewriter !
At the realization were involved :
AGO Systemtech TIF : (Model , animations and scripts)
Devilkw T.I.F : Scripts
meyer123 , fin050808 MTW : TÃœV & Quality Assurance
Knechti MTW : Sound , motor control and driving behavior
Eicher Model : scripts (Help and Fix)
Credits for built-up scripts:
Manuel leithner (SFM – Modding )
Model Eicher ( )
Tobias F.
Moped Killer
Ago- Systemtech


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