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Ford F 350 v 2 [MP]







20% larger scale


Rebuilt model with drivers directly from San Francisco


-Added opening hood


Paint all new paint and dirt textures with customizable template


Additional benefit is missing trailer attacher type


Audio-adjusted profiles


-Added 4-wheel drive


-Added dynamic Mount attacher


set acceleration and deceleration behavior of the real world as closely as statistics of the game allowed me to fit


correct vehicle info for a 2010 model


Scheme added missing icons


fixed wrong-illuminated front-end


Suspension changed and vehicle weight by pulling trailers easier and more stable.


two-truck pack for those who want a hitch without the bed.


tested for Mac compatibility






Use to paint templates:




1 unzip folder


2 go into Paint Shop Folder


1 Open template in Photoshop or equivelent Editor


2 hide dirt layer and choose paint coat paint away!


3 hide stencil and save as file (use DXT5 without mips)


4 show dirt layer and stores it as a file




NOTE1: The files for the 5th Wheel trucks are and




Note 2: keep the original as a template (not to save the changes). Instead save as a different file, so that you can create a different color


if you get tired of the current one, or changes to current.


Niceguy4704- model conversion and editing. UV mapping and paint textures. painting template
Clampit- head beta tester, LUA and XML debugging
dale3887- beta testing
JoeFarmer3- beta testing
DragonLord2007- AllradV4
Geri-G- baleAttacherBTM
Sven777b- Beleuchtung
Manuel Leithner- Washable
Xentro- PlaystandAnim

Download Ford F 350 v 2 (

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