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Free DLC: Farming Classics for Farming Simulator 2013

news-image14As a “thank you” for the amazing support we have been shown we are happy to release “Farming Classics for FS13” as a free gift to the community!

Free DLC – Farming Classics

Contains the following equipment: Deutz D80, Güldner G40, Hatz H340, Hürlimann D110, Lindner BF 450 A, Schlüter Super 1500 TVL Special and much more.

This DLC compatible with the Windows and the Mac OS X version of Farming Simulator 2013.




Download Windows version

Download Mac OS X version




Manufacturer: BUCHER

Type: D 4000







Manufacturer: BÃœHRER

Type: RP 21







Manufacturer: DEUTZ

Type: D80






gueldner-g40Manufacturer: GUELDNER

Type: G40






huerlimann-d110Manufacturer: HÃœRLIMANN

Type: D 110






hatz-h340Manufacturer: HATZ

Type: H340






schlueter-1500Manufacturer: SCHLÃœTER

Type: Super 1500 TVL Special






lindner-bf450aManufacturer: LINDNER

Type: BF 450 A









gueldner-g40flManufacturer: GUELDNER

Type: G40 with frontloader






lizard-oldshovelManufacturer: LIZARD

Type: Shovel






lizard-oldforkManufacturer: LIZARD

Type: Manure Fork







Self-propelled loader wagon:

bucher-trl2600Manufacturer: BUCHER

Type: TRL 2600









amazone-zaManufacturer: AMAZONE

Type: ZA






bavarian-3406Manufacturer: BAYERISCHE PFLUGFABRIK

Type: 3-406





fahr-kh4sManufacturer: FAHR

Type: KH 4 S





fahr-mh650Manufacturer: FAHR

Type: MH 650





fahr-apnManufacturer: FAHR

Type: APN small baler





lizard-oldbaleloaderManufacturer: LIZARD

Type: Old bale loading wagon





hassia-fsManufacturer: HASSIA

Type: FS






krone-optimatManufacturer: KRONE








kuhn-fa367Manufacturer: KUHN

Type: FA 367






lemken-d2755kManufacturer: LEMKEN

Type: D 27/55 K






lizard-oldtrailerManufacturer: LIZARD

Type: Trailer





lizard-slurryManufacturer: LIZARD

Type: Wooden Slurry Tanker





lizard-waterManufacturer: LIZARD

Type: Mobile water tank






poettinger-300Manufacturer: PÖTTINGER

Type: 300

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