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Golf cart v 1.1 edition [MP]



Original golf cart Giants Mod “Final_Edition”


That’s the originals golf cart as he can be found on the map Hagenstedt.

xPosition = “802.55” yOffset = “0.5” zPosition = “616” yRotation = “180” />

Unfortunately had to file is an error in the zip pack, so I had asked Modhoster all versions of the golf car to Remove!

Nu packed new here under the old name Zip replace easily! Then zip it in MP

Now I have also tested the zip after packing and now the golf cart goes without problems!

SP and MP tested! Log errors! “FarmingSimulator2013/mods/golfCart/golfCart.i3d (0.01MB in 145.60 ms)”

Have fun!


Gigants: Orginal

Kaufbar gemacht: Dragonkiss85

Download Golf cart v 1.1 edition

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