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GPS Mod v 1.0 [MP]




With this mod you add all tractors added a GPS assistance system. Examples of such systems are the Fendt Vario guide or GPS pilot from Claas.

The system can be used actively and passively.
In passive mode, the system displays a trace line on which one can orient oneself.
In active mode, the assistance system takes over the steering of the tractor and keep it in the lane.

All controls are invoked with CTRL (to the left) and the numeric keypad!
Bottom left of the HUD-rpm mod (if you have it installed) is a small HUD. The first is by default set to “Off” and the mod does nothing. Activate the GPS system goes with Ctrl-0 The system is now in passive mode.
Now turn on a working width of the implement used with CTRL Plus and CTRL Minus. The red dashed lines indicate for the edges of the lane, you have the width of its attachments do not know by heart so.
Now you drive the tractor into the first lane and initializes the system with CTRL-ENTER. Here, the lanes at the current position and direction of the tractor is anchored. Precise alignment of the tractor is not required for this, the GPS system is based as well as the helper in the angular distribution of soil textures.
To work in passive mode can now only has to start his machine and follow the green line.
To start steering assistance (Active mode) just press CTRL-W. During a brief intervention in the steering, the system immediately switches back into passive mode.
If you switch now the ES limiter or cruise control added to the tractor steers itself continuously over the field. You can look around in peace, the work unit and will start again on the headland.

Advanced Features:
You can replace GPS profiles between different tractors on a “clipboard”. For this purpose we store the current settings by pressing CTRL-A * from the tractor, tractor switches to B and calls it there with CTRL /.
With CTRL, you can vary the display mode of the mod and track deviation display or hide a track lines.
The GPS profiles of each tractor preserved when saving.
The operation takes some practice, but once you understand the concept so that you can plow very relaxed.

Thanks to V! Rus whose alignment Helper Mod gave the idea for the GPS mod.

In this sense, Pentecost Beautiful and relaxed acres! ­čśë


GPS: upsideDown
gobale Register: SFM-Modding/gotchTOM

Download GPS Mod v 1.0

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