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Grünhäckselmod Mod



The Grünhäcksel mod moved the harvest stage for chaffing against the grain maturity, ie when the growth stage in corn and cereals are normally harvested for ensiling .

At level ” heavy ” chaffing exclusively in this Wachsstumsstufe is ( a * before * ripe ) possible. As in reality, you have here so the time for harvesting of silage abpassen right, because when fully mature fruits usually agrees with the water content no longer a reasonable silage get.

Grass is the exception , otherwise the mod works for all häckselbaren types of fruit , without their having to be entered separately in the mod . It also works for all types of fruit that were nachgepflegt via the multi- Fruit – Mod in the chopper attachments (–3 ) . Otherwise, the mod works for all chopper attachments that use the cutter- specific from LS13 (practically all ) .

The mod seems * not * to Mähdrescherschneidwerke ! So you can also chop a part of your wheat for ensiling and then leave the rest to ripen and harvest later with a harvester . Of course, in corn / sunflower etc. , the same applies . This also means that no separate fruit varieties for green wheat etc are necessary. Especially nice to make the course with the appropriate textures , such as the forgotten plants. .

DOWNLOAD LINK: click here

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