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IHC 1056XL sound v 1.0 [SP]



ORIGINAL Inernational 1056XL Typical whistling sound EDIT By LudmillaPower

Hello Dear Fans;-) LS achieving it does not go around the vehicle in the video because this is not an internationally 1056XL! The tractor in the video is only for vorführungszweken because there is still no INTERNATIONAL 1056XL. That is why I have made the sound ever for the tractor I hope that it is still a 1056 internationally for the LS 13 is irgentwan.

PS: For the people who want to hear more of the turbo I have a second folder with attached run with the same sound to run sound and paste it into the sound folder and overwrite with more turbo whistle;-) just from this folder.


EDIT By LudmillaPower

Download IHC 1056XL sound v 1.0

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