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JD7930 AutoQuad green v 4


So now comes the green 7930

First, I thank you for the release, the present now!

Here the model of ls 11–2

Now Converts to ls 13, he is 100% error free and still get AllradV4 has been re-scaled in the direction of one to one!

For all the same around there is still a bitchin version come in original John Deere Green!

so now to the technical data

Engine power

Max power: 180 kW, 245 hp

Fuel tank capacity: 392 liters

Speed :42-50 km / h

Drive type: AllradV4

Templaer and child welfare

Change 09: bomblets, Mario, Balu79nvp, Dorsy

LS-11 ready / changes by Dorsy, Balu & bomblets

Tuning by Durman (for Ledy)

LS-13 ready / changes by Markkus, Corad60 and IFKO (coordinator)


Templaer und Wohlstandskind
Aenderung 09: Boembchen,Mario,Balu79nvp,Dorsy
LS-11 ready/Aenderungen by Dorsy,Balu & Boembchen
Tuning by durman (for Ledy)
LS-13 ready/Aenderungen by Markkus,Corad60 und Ifko(nator)

Download: JD7930 AutoQuad green v 4 []
Download: JD7930 AutoQuad green v 4 []

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