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John Deere 1188 7 20 m v 1.5 [MP]



Known from LS11 is now again the John Deere 1188 with your dealer for sale!

The thresher is full Animated and was built with great attention to detail. Despite the many animations and details it is ideally suited for LOW computer.

Included is a 7.20 meter cutting.


• Animated radiator

• Animated fruit collection

• Animated ejection

• Animated pedals

• Animated grain tank flap

• Animated grain auger

• Animated cutterbar mount

• Animated shafts

• sun visor to flip

• Cutting recording Manual Up / Down

• indicator

• tire dust

• Realistic Häckselpartikelsystem

• Indoor / outdoor sound!

A big thank you also goes to the participating scripters and modders whose work I have used!


giants, acert

Download John Deere 1188 7 20 m v 1.5 ( original link

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