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John Deere 8530 Powershift Mod


Hi people,

I hereby present you my fixed version of the JD 8530 SMI for disposal. I have almost eliminated all errors except for a Logfehler to the engine sound does not read behben. I hope you still useable much fun mti the mod.

Features / improvements:


Indoor sound

Tire dust on the field

MR TwinWeels (get more traction if displayed)

MR tire pressure system (brings merh traction when turned on, indicator light inside)


– Tire camber

Door, rear window and lenkseule for folding

– Vorderachse Animirte

– MR 800kg weight to attach to

Hood and FH (run ran disembarking and press the button in the Help window stands) to open

MR Zusatzradgewichte (bring through more weight, more traction)

-Dynamic Auspuffpartclesystem

-Digital speed display

Displays and lighting interior


-Füllstangsanzeige for trailers in the interior

-Manual engine start

MR fulll Powershift (16/5 Lastschaltgetribe)


-Reduced to 56 MB!

-Mod has to be unpacked!

It’s my first mod comes to the DL, Alos since lenient.

I am always open to suggestions and criticism. Should I have someone in the credits About See this yet Added is if he demands it.

Release from Urmodder is available.



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