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John Deere S680 S670 Mod



This time i back with the americans version of the NewJohn Deere Harvesters, this pack have new features and is simething different for this game.


The John Deere harvester is ideal for medium to large field sizes, provided with a rigid head 35 ft, make a perfect set for work on the farm nowadays, where technology and productivity together to provide profitable production.


This package contains:

John Deere S680

John Deere S680 traked version

John Deere S670

John Deere 640FD

John Deere 640FD (with orbital reel)

John Deere 640D

Unverferth Roadrunner 542



Cultives that you can harvest: Wheat, Barley, Rape, Corn, Soybean, Sunflower, Oat and Rice


-The functions are the same that EU versions , is recommended read the manuar from this combines.


This Pack contains features such as

– Front and rear lights work, besides tube light, all activated with the “F” key

-The ability to leave or straw

-The head contains grain animacioon in fruit, also fold it.

-Combine with this lively work and transport position.

-Driving Particle Systems

-Rean Straw and Chopped Straw Particle systems

-Interactive Control and Light

-Manual Ignition

-Buyable Rape system

-Grain Header have the ability to use crop Ricers

-Dinamic unload particles

-Indoor Sounds

-Header tilt.

-Manual Header Height. (Don’t work in MP)


If you have any problem please report to :


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