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Komatsu Forklift 50 EX SKIN PACK beta v 1.0 [SP]



I have here for you a few different skins for the EX Komatsu 50 forklift.
If it’s too boring to always go with the same color is the right thing.



Choose the desired color, just the file: weight Paste into the texture folder from the forklift, overwrite it and repack as a zip. Then pack up the truck in the Modsordner.

Who wants to drive with multiple colors must rename example, the forklift before: Komatsu_EX50_Blau, Komatsu_EX50_Pink etc.


It may not be the most beautiful skins but better than the standard yellow


Have fun with it



Downlaod Komatsu Forklift 50 EX SKIN PACK beta v 1.0 (

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