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Krone Big Pack Attacher v 2.1 [MP]



Here again the Krone Big Pack with Attacher for trailers. Now without Logfehler and so packed that they are also found in the shop. In addition, adjusted texture formats and schema.

The mod is not my work, I have only repaired the error. And no, I have also asked anyone for permission. That to me is that is too stupid, if people do not even get to the line to grab the archive properly, so you can simply copy the mod into the folder and then use.

Also, I can not Franzmännisch

The other errors that could have been found after 2 minutes test time to enumerate I save.


titi et gwen

Download: Krone Big Pack Attacher v 2.1 [MP] []
Download: Krone Big Pack Attacher v 2.1 [MP] []

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