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Krone BigX 1100 Beastpack


Table of Contents ( NOTE: Please read ! )

1: Preface

2: Pack contents

3: Specifications

4: Functions & Keyboard Layouts

5: WIP Thread and error collection

6: Known Bugs

7: For the future

8: Review your update history

1: Preface

The Beast Pack project , there are now almost 3 years, restive , the Pack has evolved and improved. It is equally proceed.

I will use for the duration of the project this ad for more versions so beautiful “watch ” so press it stays on the neuensten state . Under point 8, I ‘ll list the other updates.

So until here first thanks to all of you who helped with the for the feedback and the people to realize the project .

2: Pack contents

– Crown WIX 1100 Beast

– Crown ÃœLW dolly 3 Axle prototype

– Krone Easy Flow pickup

– Krone Easy Collect corn head

– Crown XDisc cutting for Grass and Grain

– Noname Header Trailer

3: Specifications

– Size 34.83MB

– Vram BigX1100 19.1MB / ÃœLW Dolly 3.9MB / 9.5MB Pickup

4 : Functions & Keyboard Layouts

Please be careful on the right device for you if what you want on / switch, the Hud note in the upper left corner and the her!

 Power PTO

 Hektar counter

 Greenstar driving aid cabin

 (BIGX must be selected) Indoor Sound

– Lighting work light (BIGX must be selected) button KP_4 & KP_6

 Throttle limiter idle (BIGX must be selected) button KEY_comma & KEY_period

 Duals (BIGX must be selected) button KEY_9

– Chains Trac Soucy (BIGX must be selected) button KEY_6

– Rear Weight (BIGX must be selected) button KEY_B

 Pipe show (BIGX must be selected) O key


– Laser-Start Assist (EasyCollect must be 
selected) button KEY_5


 Open Dolly bunker and close (Dolly must be 
selected) button M

 Dolly bunker turn (Dolly must be selected) button X

 Dolly bunker ÜLW Trailerlift axis (Dolly must be selected) button KEY_v

5: WIP Thread and error collection

Hier findet ihr alle Informationen zu dem Projekt

Und hier bitte alle Mängel und Fehler posten


6: Known Bugs

 One should not Dolly switch the rear weight, if all this is too easy at the rear, can inKroneBigX1100BeastPack_BigX1100.xml the value centerOfMass = “0 0 -0.35” from -0.35 to eg Provide-0.45, then lifts her behind not look.

– Texture BigX needs to be revised

 Pickup collides visually when activated with the chains

– Indoor sound works only when you have provided equipment to BigX 

 So far, only the chopper HELPER has received the complete renovation and later the Mouse Control BigXis equipped with everything, it is disabled until then …

– This craft pack you have to make some compromises, it is still a long way to the “Perfect” Beast Pack 

7: For the future

– Texturing BIGX new

– Customize sounds

– Adapting the Driving Characteristics

– Pickup Adapter for longer distance to the chains

– New XDisc and cutting unit carriage

– IC and Camera

– Purchasable chains

– Purchasable Duals

– …

8: Review your update history


So I‘ve never tried one time driving behavior to optimize. He now raises no more and no longer acceleratesso strong. For my taste, it’s so fine. Well the tests I leave you, as always, give times ordenlich feedback.

So much fun with the pack :)

Changelog 04/27/2014 14.35Uhr V.11.1 Beta:

– Adapted schema
– Attacher adapted for SWW
– Adapted Attacher Easy Flow
– Fixed Optical (Visible axis)
– Fixed bug when “Reset ”
– Adapted corn feeder PS EasyCollect
– Dolly revised ÃœLW Scripts
– Dolly adapted ÃœLW weight charge
– Dolly ÃœLW can only be folded empty
– Driving behavior BIGX completely revised , engine, brakes , suspension, center of gravity, steering etc.

Changelog 04/19/2014 0.05Uhr V.11.0 Beta:

– Patch 2.1 rdy Giants
– Fixed sound errors
– Aiautocombine.lua dolly revised for Autocombine
– Washable, 5 hours
– Odometer disabled , there is Global on MIG-Map Pack
– Dirt textures created 
– Fixed sound errors
– Weight set correctly , flying through the air is fixed now
– Rdy XDisc clover and alfalfa
– Adjusted sound volume
– All-wheel disabled
– Fixed l10n error
– Chains no longer float
– I3D ‘s XML and tidy , renamed etc
– Store revised data
Fixed problems when reversing
– Mouse Control WIX been deactivated for now
– Easy Flow Scriptfix
– Revised item 6 & 4 here in the description


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