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Lexion 560 Montana and TT



Actually, I would not talk much around, but I just want to again thank all those who have helped me and all the fun


Lexion 560:

IC: For the extra cameras

Animated grain tank and animated head

Animated straw chopper

Indoor sound

Dynamic exhaust smoke

Particlesystem when driving on the field

“Seat suspension”

Manually unloading

Real Lights-Support

Slope compensation for all cutting units

TerraTrac system (only for TT)

Montana system (only with Montana)

Oscillating rear axle (for Montana)

Geringhoff HV660:


Slow in and unscrew the reel etc



You need a patch 2.0. In addition, you should have Modsordner to see flashlights etc can a version of RealLight mods.

Download the patch:

Real Lights: (V0.98 from Modcontest also works.)

Lexion Script “addon”:

If you still want to see another project of mine, click on this link:

– The mod can, using the original download links, to be offered at all sites to download. Use in packs after consultation via PN. This also applies to individual parts.

– It’s permitted to offer the mod for download on other pages as long as the original download link is used. If you want to use it in a pack, PM me. If you want to use any parts of this mod, you have to ask for permission first.


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