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Made in my dreams v 1.0 [MP]





Hello and welcome to my new map – Made in my dreams


This map has nice and big farm with loads of understands. There is everything you need for farming.

Milk Truck:

This map has splines for milk truck. Milk truck comes to the farm to pick up the milk on a nice road behind the farm. When truck pick up the milk it drives back on the same road to the dairy station at the end of the road.


In this map you have some medium size and large fields. At the beginning you already own 3 fields.
Number of fields: 27.

All of the fields that you do not already own you will have to buy to work on them. So fields are buyable!

City and BGA:

In the middle of the map there is a big city with semaphores and walking pedestrians. There you can also find the ATM machine where you can take the loan or you can payback the loan.

In the city you will find marketplace as well. Right up the road starting from city you will find large BGA where you can sell your silage and slurry.


On the right hand side of the farm there is a forest on the hill right next to the city. You will find lots of logs in this big forest and with forest equipment you will get logs down to the saw where you will be able to sell them and make a profit of them.

Important note: You will have to download ImagionLand PLUS Logs patch to see the logs!
You can see this mod here:

Enjoy the map.
emo panda


emo panda

Download Made in my dreams v 1.0 (

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