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Massey Ferguson 3080 v 2 [MP]



Massey Ferguson 3080

Engine Power: 97 hp

Max. Speed: 23 mph or 38 km/h

Animated windows, animated doors, Help screen

Ploughing Mod, Hand Throttle, Handbrake, New Wheels, New Sound, PTO and Hydraulic Hose attacher etc.

Fixed errors in log file, Fixed acceleration problem etc.


Great tractor for small to medium farm and best suited with small to medium equipment. New version is in progress adding more interesting things which will bring more enjoyment in game.


Model made by: rifi0
Converted to FS 2013: roller90
Editing&Tweaking: DareCro & Tractor Boys workshop.
New MAssey Ferguson sound by; EddieVegas (
PTO&Hose attacher: FS-UK modteam
Help with texture: Glanzo (fs-uk)

Download Massey Ferguson 3080 v 2

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