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Mercedes SLS AMG Mod



After long time I am back with a new car mod. This is Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The first car that was fully designed and developed by AMG devision of the Mercedes-AMG.The SLS was unveiled in 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. And here it is now for your Farming Simulator game!


  • openable doors – original gullwing doors – keys: Numpad 4 for left door, Numpad 6 for right door
  • openable bonnet – key: Numpad 8
  • openable boot – key: Numpad 5




  • Numpad 1 for left blinkers
  • Numpad 2 for all blinkers
  • Numpad 3 for right blinkers



  • 3d model – from
  • prepared for game - AndrazP
  • converted – AndrazP
  • in game - AndrazP


Mercedes SLS AMG has high detailed interior and exterior. High resolution textures.

High detailed LED lights.


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