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Merlo P41 7 Turbo Farmer v v2.0 [MP]



A telehandler for handling and lifting operations at big heights delivering high profitability and versatility in agricultural work that would formally have required several specialised or larger machines.

Up to 7m lift height, Cabine suspension, Rear pivot axle, auto-adjustable camera for maximum functionality.
3 Wheel Modes: Front, All and Crab.

Wheel Modes: Key Delete
Back Attacher UP: KeyPad Key 7
Back Attacher Down: KeyPad Key 4


Model-Textures-Script: Mythos


MerloP417 by Mythos
Manual Ignition by Xentro
ESLimiter by Manuel Leithner(SFM Modding)
RealExhaustParticleSystem by modelleicher
Additional lights by Sven777b
Cabsuspension by JoXXer (BJR-Modding)
SuspensionAxisWheelSteering by Tobias F. (John Deere 6930)
Washable by Manuel Leithner

Download Merlo P41 7 Turbo Farmer v v2.0

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