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Meyenburg 2013 v 3.0 [SP]





Welcome to Meyenburg !

The card Meyenburg is not exact replica of the village Meyenburg in Osterholz- Beck.
Meanwhile, the board has received significant changes and has been highly optimized for multiplayer !
But you read through everything first , and then try it yourself !

Economic downturn hits contractors hard!

The position of the contractor in Meyenburg is more hopeless . According to the last minutes of the meeting and statements of some members of the machinery ring Meyenburg * MRM * , for some time , the economic forecasts * MRM * and LU – = MFD = – agricultural service more than dark . According to a spokesperson here is mainly the often poor payment of served farmers as well as the plight of the cost of the cause of this development.
To make matters worse , just that at LU – = MFD = – agricultural service , the acquisition of the company is currently the largest combine harvester Claas indeed amazed cared for , however, many farmers their bottoms the enormous weight did not expect just on the headland . Furthermore, the orders for large areas remain , as they will either – aggierenden = MFD = – agricultural service or the Nationwide entrepreneurs were served . It remains to be seen how it develops , but carry many of the part -time farmers worry wrinkles on the forehead : “We are working to 90 percent in the sideline , our two large LU should cease ‘s we would have a big problem,” Herbert Wersebe argues that in the 20 ha Part-time farming . ” If we have to rely on the LU ‘s neighboring districts will get the travel costs slowly but surely to the task force , since then the sideline hardly expects . ”

” Agricultural weekly Meyenburg district from 19.09.2013 ”

Not avert the end of five family farms ?

After a long struggle and many attempts but still had to save something now one of LU ‘s passing , R. Meier bankruptcy. After almost 30 years in the service of agriculture had to give up due to the collapse in orders but also because of the brace ends not to purchase as the Lexion 780 is rumored behind vorghehaltener hand. As if that were not enough was known * of * the MRM are not compensated by the dwindling number of members of the disappearance of the LU, so that only a limited extent in grassland and a bit of threshing can be offered. What is with the premises of the LU R. Meier and the BGA it is now unclear. By the debt at the aufliefen Meier still all machines are already in the bankruptcy estate .

” Agricultural weekly Meyenburg district from 26.09.2013 ”

“Hope for Meyenburg ? ”

After becoming aware of the insolvency of the contractor, R. Meier , a new investor occurs . However, the conditions that will initially build and achieve a pre-financing of individual holdings. This could be averted but * apparently * from MRM . Only a security in the amount of 2 million Euros must be specified.
Farmers affected only shake his head , ” Where can you not steal ? ” the operator of the pig – conditioning Janssen .
“We’re just small businesses and can apply as soon as any major financial center . ”
Note: This is a fictional story !

The changes compared to the V1 and V2 are significant:
– Prices adjusted
– Built-in 5 farms
– Purchasable fields
– New PDA
– Steep court must be purchased later
Obstructed pig –
– Built scale
– Roads not brake the vehicle
– Fields with multi terrain
– Reset point for cooperative set !
– In single player , the vehicles start at the cooperative
– In multiplayer, five farms were equipped with vehicles
– Each farm has its own seed , fertilizer and water station
– MapHoseRefStation of Eifok
– Manure / dung – Mod
– Pigs must be cleaned up
– Each farm has its own deposit
– Food storage yard Steep integrated into the grain storage

Special thanks to Undertaker75 , bassaddict , model Eicher, Marhu , mor2000 , the LU ‘s Fromma and the producer group Harms & Co and of course my team – = MFD = – . Also most of my great family that has made me ever to create the card.


Undertaker75, bassaddict, Modelleicher, Marhu, mor2000

Download 1 Meyenburg 2013 v 3.0 ( singleplayer
Download 2 Meyenburg 2013 v 3.0 ( multiplayer

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