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Multi Fruit Mod


The Multi – Fruit Mod upgraded as a global mod new fruits in existing vehicles automatically .
He does this in the context of what is present in the models. That he uses only existing fillplanes , Particlesysteme etc.
Example: If a trailer can load barley, then there is no reason why he can not load oats . The mod is bearing in the hanger already can barley oats as additional fruit , and it uses the fillplanes and Particlesysteme for barley.
Just thanks to the threshers , shovels , presses, loader wagons etc.

Supported fruits : silage forage sunflower soybean oat rye hemp rice millet spelled triticale poppy green wheat millet_windrow triticale_windrow millet_windrow dinkel_windrow oat_windrow rye_windrow hemp_windrow

This means that with this version you can now also in each trailer and each blade which chaff can load also silage and mixed feed ! ­čÖé

Changelog V1.0 :
* Various script fixes
* Baler are ( wieder. . ) Supported
* Expanded fruit list , in particular silage and forage (compound feed )
* Reapers ( Drescher & chopper ) have their own exchange list – Sunflowers must be harvested with corn head now .
* Sowing have their own exchange list – sunflowers and soybeans are now entered in the Reihens├â┬Ąhmaschinen .
* Support added for variable body- speci . ( Here , unfortunately, there’s still a problem with the fillplanes , but the mods are now functional )
* Mods to change body types speci be ignored

Short note about the Sowing : In some maps scripts which types of fruit are also there, subscribe to seeders . So here Please surprised if some show up but not fruit in the drilling that do not belong there – then that was not the Multi Fruit.

Mods that are explicitly supported by the script: Lexion of SFM , variable body- speci

Mods make the difficulties :

* Easy flow from Beast Pack . . ( Here’s the script does terrible things in the fruit types entries and brings a lot of messed up a version of the pickup , script is run with the Multi Fruit can download it here: / EasyFlow.lua.html )

Unsupported Mods:
* The change body types Specialization . Unfortunately This includes the popular Brantner of Katsuo . But otherwise ( almost) no other mod uses this speci you to please builds itself around . Or better yet Katsuo pushes a Multi Fruit version ­čśë
* The ÃœLW from the Titanium pack. Here simply lacks the script documented at present .

Tested on MIG Celle, Andres Multi Fruit , grazyland 1:51


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