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Multi Fruit textures v 1.0 [SP]




I want you to put my textures. Actually I wanted to use it in the pile placeable, but since you had to wait a while. So here some of the standard planning and multi-fruit fruits fruits. All borderless 512×512.

English: I give you my tub multifruit textures of the placeable heap. All borderless and 512×512 pixels.

The following 14 types of fruit are: * barley, carrot, cucumber, green wheat *, * maize, millet *, onion, pea, potato *, * rape, soybean, sugarbeets, tomato and wheat *.

* These tarps are as far as I can remember only slightly modified Giants textures.


Die Hälfte der Texturen sind leicht veränderte Giants-Texturen

Download Multi Fruit textures v 1.0

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