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My litle Country v 1b GuelleMistMod WoolPaletteCollector MapSiloBand uvm. [MP]





My litle Country 2013

Version 1b
New features and this map
MistMod was included.
MapSiloBand was involved: pig manure and cow dung for food storage
On the farm is now a Large silo and the two little were removed.
All unloading were renewed and mistaken Growing with tarpaulin.
WoolPalleteColector was built and placed a little lower so you can better absorb the pallets with a fork.
Sugar beet factory to Funky Style
When the spinning was also some Embellished!
When BackFacktory an egg collection point is added!
Street now has a gravel border and were now freed from grass residues.
Leuchturmlicht now also rotates.
New tank triggers are involved.
New dirt roads were made and the old nt. revised.
Corn texture was revised and corrected in the i3d
PDA has been Updated
and much more.

I guess it will be the final version, if no gross errors are detected.
Thank you for your understanding!


Features of this map:
Liquid manure and dung Mod…………….. / Marhu
WoolPaletteCollector……………. / Marhu
MapSiloBand……………………. / Marhu
Schweinemastanlage……………… / Marhu
WaterMod v3.0…………………../Marhu
Zuckerfabrik…………………… / Trekkerbodo
Waschplatz…………………….. / Matzesft
Ground Texturen…………………. / ZEFIR
HofSilo was replaced / BGAsilo
Mist – Sale
Manure – Sale
Chopped – Sale
Village bank
No! Standard textures
No Logfehler!
Traffigfahrzeuge and pedestrian
Milk is collected!
Rot, decay: is Off
PDA has been Updated


You do not need a NEW game was to begin! BUT. you should only reap all the fields and then the file once DensityGerle remove from your saved game so the grass is completely renewed.
btw: a saved game!
Under the path: C: \ Users \ XXX \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2013 \ savegame1 \ career savegame you can find the line at the top: Mapid = “My_BIG_Country_v1b.SampleModMap!
the (b) substituting it by a (c) and you can play your old savegame on.
For this I have to write this! I accept NO LIABILITY for damages to your PC or game.
Sorry but it had to be.

To the map!
The I3d. has about 35MB
Logfehler? Are not known to me!
The Map My Country is a litle map completely rebuilt and is made with the patch 1.4.
This is the small version of the My BIG Country Map!
There are 8 fields to be Bewirtschafften.
The largest box has 12.49ha
As usual, the cow pasture (right on the farm) is a little sheep away from the farm and of course 🙂 Federfieh with a large gate welfare, ps. Have fun looking at the eggs ^ ^
The milk as heck be different! is picked up by a milk truck.
The farm is adjusted as usual in my style.
All in all a very nice map to plowing.

Existing details are eg:
Road signs
The lanterns go in the dark to the village
Functioning traffic traffic
A train with barrier / cars stop when the barrier is closed
A small island with camp
Houses have Aben light
Parked cars also have some light at night
and much more.

This map has the standard LS13 fruit varieties
The feed store is right on the pasture, grass and dung manure and bale Hächslegut you can in Gärterei Sell and get a little money for it ..
To get a loan from the bank to pay it back or you have to drive to the village nächstgelegende.
You can leave the fruit types as follows:
Country trade (Landi): wheat barley rape maize potatoes beet eggs / still exists a small gas station
Backfactory: wheat barley rape maize
Nursery: Grass straw manure slurry Hächselgut hay and straw bales
Spinning: Wool
Sugar beet factory: Beet

Feldgrösen in HECTARE .. Consistent with the thresher of SFM!
Field No. 01 = 1.73 ha already owned / but no planting
Field No. 02 = 10.08 acres
Field No. 03 = 3.81 ha
Field No. 04 = 6.79 ha
Field No. 05 = 12.49 acres
Field No. 06 = 5.83 ha
Field No. 07 = 2.74 ha already owned / but no planting
Field No. 08 = 4.41 ha


I have no horseshoes involved in the map and no Misionen!

To Sell the crap you can also take the little crown Emsland trailer from the feed storage pack!

* If Needed! Pigs transport trailer:
* If Needed! Transport packaging for food storage:
* If Needed! Manure trailer sales:

Milk Trailer Water Trailer: ………
Claas Lexion 770 TerraTrac Package: …
Milk sell stop: ………………. / Prevents the automatic milk sales
Placeable pile V2: …………!, I do not have a stock pile of silage in the feed store!

As is asked here every now and then if you have or can buy pigs, NO!
You’ll have to feed, water and let them be happy 🙂
Then gradually appear more and more pigs, and you may be able to taste Sell btw. (Go to the butcher) and a little money.



Download My litle Country v 1b GuelleMistMod WoolPaletteCollector MapSiloBand uvm. ( original link

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