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Nave Modular Mod



I present a modular ship I did yesterday for the map,to save crops,straw,grass or what ever you want.

Consists of three parts:beginning,middle and end;In addition to a poster to put the culture that takes that part.

Being modular can be as large as you want,and the minimum to put would be a part of beginning and end,i.e.two dwellings.
The distance to place it is 15.2 in X axis,for example,if we put amiddle to 0,the next so it fits perfectly will be 15.2,30.4, next and soon adding 15.2 to the previous measurement.

To simply place the trigger of the crops we import this trigger,we will paste it inside the transformgroup from the module where it will go,and we position it 7.6 so it is in the cente rof the module.
The same thing happens with the poster,it would stick inside the module that would be and is already.

Both the poster as to trigger can easily be changed you texture,in the folder I have added many textures to the poster and to the plane,as well as the photoshopfile so that you can make more posters simply by changing the text.

You have some photos of what would  be the minimum, put on my map.

Sayjoists in the photos are very dark,but I changed it to a red, more clear


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