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Original LS13 Loader New skin and XML v 1.0 [SP]



Hello first …

Here I have for you a skin for the original loaders from LS13 .. since me the silver colored not so pretty I would have liked but not new in my Modorder I once unceremoniously replaced the skin.

The skin is from the DC ehehmals and paste readily single mako is the teeth of the blade are black ^ ^ Think times it is because because the blade is from the DC bit smaller but with a little imagination you can imagine that there are entirely new : D I like it somehow ­čÖé

So ..

1x: Included is: New skin and a new XML so that it can better control for keyboard driver.

1x: Included is: Original

The filling capacity was increased to 15,000.

Also works in multiplayer if all have the same skin and the XML.

Advantage: A mod in less modfolder!

Disadvantage: exchange if they do not have the new skin and the XML in multiplayer games.

“ it is sending you in seconds ausgetaust fast”

You can replace it as follows! ..

C: \ Farming Simulator 2013 \ data \ vehicles \ steerable \ lizard

Note: C does not have to be limited to the path .. who has the LS in another partition must then look there ^ ^

! Important! I accept NO LIABILITY for damages when the Aufteten can insert the files.

Wish you much fun with it.

Lg: Funky



Download Original LS13 Loader New skin and XML v 1.0 (fileupload)

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