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Farming Simulator 2013 – Update 1.3 (*)

(*) Please note that this update cannot be used for the Steam or Mac

Farming Simulator 2013 : The launch trailer!

Long-awaited by many players around the world, Farming Simulator 2013® will finally release this

The demo of Farming Simulator 2013 is now available!

This is your starting point to discover the game and your virtual farm. Learn

A fresh harvest of new features in a video!

  Join the grand tour of these new features and exceptional content from Farming

Some new screenshots!


New trailer released!

Today, the tractors, harvesters and other machines of Farming Simulator 2013 are rolling out

An immense fleet of vehicles!

The much anticipated Farming Simulator 2013® unveils today in screenshots selections from its massive

A fresh load of new screenshots!

The surprising Farming Simulator 2013® today unveiled a new series of screenshots, immersing us

Content of Collector’s Edition finally disclosed!

GIANTS Software just disclosed what will inside the Collector’s Edition of Farming Simulator 2013®.

Some new videos from GAMESCOM

Watch some new videos and pictures from GAMESCOM.