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Official trailer from Giants Software!

This trailer shows scenes from the first game in October, appearing Farmer Simulator 2013.

Farming Simulator 2012 for iPad/iPhone is released!

Play your favorite technical-simulation on your mobile! Discover a wide, agricultural scenery with fields,

Mobile game screenshots

Windows and MAC game screenshots

News about mobile Farming Simulator 2012

Farming Simulator 2012 iOS – Android – Metro Play your favorite career-simulation on your

Official news about Farming Simulator 2013

Farming Simulator 2013 includes a host of new features and improvements: In the career

Official trailer for LS12 app (iPhone, Android, Windows Metro)

This is the official Farming Simulator 2012 trailer which shows the version for iOS

Farming Simulator 2013 New Pictures

We wanted to share pictures from the leaked promotional CD Project. Not yet verified

Time to harvest! Farming Simulator 2013 is approaching!

CD Projekt partners Software Giants on Polish territory, is pleased to be the first

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