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PederskerFarming Vassegaard v 2.0 [MP]





Hello everybody!

I (asgermd) og my freind Frederik pressent our new map

This a v2 of my old map vassegaard, but because we have added one more farm to the we have named it PederskerFarming_Vassegaardv2


New Features:

  • A cowfarm with all components (pasture, milkrobot, stable, silagestak, manuretank, manureheap..)
  • You can now buy cows and sell the milk youself or just let the milktruck do it.
  • You can now tip silage on the cowfarm, the means that your able silage your maize 🙂
  • New designed manure tanks
  • Two working manure tanks(the one on the pig farm only works if you got “pig mod” installed) Link to pig mod:
  • The forestwalls now offers colision witch means that you can’t drive out of the map 😉
  • The map in esc-menu is now working(there is still a probelm with the PDA-map sorry):)


I hope that you will have a great time with our map 🙂


-Asgermd and Frederikvh


Asgermd aka. asger210
Frederik H
“Farming simulator fan gruppe (DK) 2” (it’s a facebook group)

Download PederskerFarming Vassegaard v 2.0 MP

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