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Perkins AD3 152 sound v 1.0 [SP]



This is the original Perkins AD3-152 sound for Farming Simulator 2013, this engine was used in various Tractors: Massey Ferguson 255, Massey Ferguson 35, Ursus 3512, etc.

Data: 3152 AD Perkins four-stroke diesel engine with direct injection / Bore: 91.4 mm / stroke: 127 mm / INFO:

Tractor Encyclopedia: Massey Ferguson 255

Ursus MF-255/3512

Ps: I have an update for the MF 255 packed into the zip where the sound is already linked, of course you can use the sounds for other tractors!

The MF 255 from the video for the update can be found at -> Modhoster »LS» Tractors »Massey Ferguson Mods» mf 255 (V1.4 of the ursusman1)


EDIT By LudmillaPower

Download Perkins AD3 152 sound v 1.0

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