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Placeable silos Mod



Description / Features
Storing wheat, barley, oilseed rape and maize . 😉
Same features as standard grain silo
the levels appear as a pedestrian when Abladebunker
This (first) version only supports single player
more releases planned – see news
Purchase price : 49.000 €
Selling price : € 24,500
Cost per day : 250 €
download Mod
Copy in the mod folder
Play !
Silos buy and sell ( standard procedure )
silos Buy
Call purchase menu ( p)
skip to item ” Placeable Mods”
Select ” Placeable silos “, then ” Buy ” button
Place silos on the map
Use !
silos Sell
Call purchase menu ( p)
skip to item ” Placeable Mods”
Select ” Placeable silos “, then ” sell ” button
scroll to Shiloh, which is to be sold
Silo click – sold!
News to Mod
as a point of my WIP page ( work in progress ) of the placeable heap at:
includes planned features ( such as multiplayer , multi-fruit , setting the fruit varieties , Nos. 1 and 2 silos )
English Description
this is a mod to store wheat , barley , rape and maize
price : 49.000 €
daily upkeep : 250 €
use it like the standard grain silo
place it like any other placeable mod 😉
bonus : edit your vehicles.xml to change fruit types ( not supported)
more news :
Small Print
A little Easter Egg for those who read the manual to the end: After you have placed a silo , saves and leave the game. You can in the vehicles.xml your savegames the type of fruit to enter by hand , in which her example the entry ” <silo1 fillLevel=”0″ fillType=”wheat” /> ” in ” < Silo1 fillLevel =” 0 ” fillType =” rye ” / > ” changes and so from the wheat – rye – a silo make (the new type of fruit must be installed in the map ) . The Wheat icon on the silo , however, remain unchanged. The procedure I have not been tested, so it is down here, but it should work .


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