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Rabe Super Albatros Mod



Model: schlueterfan1977
Wheels on the plow: Michl2

Conversion to LS13, bug fixing: model eicher
Scripts in using: Börndi


– These plows are suitable Pflugmod
– Work particle system
Data for Mod:
Size of the zip: 19.31 MB
Rabe Super Albatros 100:
– VRam usage 8.60MB
– Objects in the i3d: 22
Rabe Super Albatros 120:
– Vram Usage: 9.72MB
– Objects in the i3d: 22
Rabe Super Albatros 140:
– Vram usage: 10.66MB
– Objects in the i3d: 22
Rabe Super Albatros 160:
– Vram usage: 11.68MB
– Objects in the i3d: 22
Mod in 1:1 scale

It is expressly undesirable that these mods are re-uploaded in modified or unmodified form without my permission.

Enjoy the plow, and always beautiful straight furrows ..: P


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